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meet your employee benefit objective with experts in accounting, benefit design, governmental compliance, management information systems and plan administration.
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DMC insurance administrators
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Proprietary DMC Management Information System

DMC utilizes a robust proprietary enterprise software system (DMCSecure) with a multi-tiered application that provides comprehensive services to DMC staff and other users. This system manages all aspects of the Trust Funds, including the trust definition itself, as well as providers, plans, employers and members. The system generates employer invoices, tracks payments, calculates provider remittance data, generates COBRA notices, produces employer eligibility reports and submission forms, creates and tracks eligibility correspondence, sends notices and generates detailed auditing and census data. Through this system, customer service representatives and trust managers have immediate access to all data for the trust, ensuring quick and accurate resolution to inquiries and problems.

Additionally, the system provides a secure on-line mechanism to deliver both provider remittance and eligibility data to all providers and employers. The information is password protected and is delivered in encrypted form, via the http sockets layer, to ensure that the data cannot be stolen. Through this interface, employers and providers have immediate access to both current and recent information. In addition, the system can generate this data in other formats, for delivery via CD’s and other media.


  • Employer Billing, Processing and Reconciliation
  • Delinquency & Collection Reporting
  • COBRAA/HIPAA Compliance
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) Compliance
  • Indemnity Claims Adjudication
  • Record Keeping
  • Client Website Services
  • Eligibility Determination
  • Participant Enrollment Services
  • Provider Premium Payment Electronic Reporting
  • Retiree Health Plan Administration
  • Financial Reporting
  • Pension/401k Administration
  • Development & Maintenance of Websites for Trust Funds
  • Ability to Provide Translated Documents (Spanish) for Trust Funds
  • Email Marketing to Plan Participants of Health & Wellness Updates & News Alerts
  • Employs a dedicated team of bi-lingual, friendly & helpful staff members
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